Episode 010 - The Equifax Hack - How Can You Protect Yourself from Identity Theft?

In today’s episode, Susan Baroncini-Moe talks about the Equifax hack, explains what happened and how you might be affected, talks about identity theft, and shares her views on what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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Equifax, check to see if you may have been compromised: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/

All about freezing your credit: http://wapo.st/2xW08pJ

Also this: http://cnet.co/2xhXZrj

If you need a new SSN: http://bit.ly/2y0oy26

Recommended Identity Protection Companies:

Identity Force: https://www.identityforce.com/

LifeLock: https://www.lifelock.com/

ID Shield: https://www.idshield.com/

New password guidelines: http://n.pr/2wkPHeg

Equipment used for this video:

– Blue Yeti Microphone

– MacBook Pro

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