Episode 100 - It's Our 100th Episode!!!

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In today’s 2QuestionsTV show, Susan celebrates her 100th episode of 2QuestionsTV and shares her favorite interviews of 2017.

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Susan’s favorite interviews:

Longevity with John Day: https://youtu.be/W3HnLo3Y5Vk

Getting Comfortable on video with Sean Cannell – https://youtu.be/kOdNajlC778

Integrity and Education with Larry Winget- https://youtu.be/84LcStQAAdw

Getting Fit and Owning a Business with Michelle Warnky – https://youtu.be/1_pPDY12ZW8

Being Accessible with Kevin Kruse – https://youtu.be/FCr3CqlnqJY

Tie – Running Remote Teams

– Karla Jo Helms – https://youtu.be/na_jFneWYz8

– Kean Graham – https://youtu.be/iX9dbEKrXwo

Crowdfunding and Napolean Hill with Brandon Adams – https://youtu.be/8TRkkt6sY7M

Staying Healthy with John Abdo – https://youtu.be/EPqTNyuPADs

Selling Family Businesses with Jonathan Pellegrin – https://youtu.be/WRT_8ckqYjc

Profitability with Mike Michalowicz – https://youtu.be/tPRuaZsM2cI

Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching:



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– Blue Yeti Microphone

– MacBook Pro

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