Episode 122 - Inspiring Women in Business

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In today’s episode, Susan talks with Mareya Ibrahim, the CEO and Founder of Grow Green Industries, INC., the makers of patented, all natural and organic food safety products including Eat Cleaner® Fruit + Vegetable Wash and Wipes, eatFresh-FC organic anti-browning powder and eatSafe 4x Pro.

Susan and Mareya discuss eating cleaner and being a successful woman in business.


Mareya’s website: https://eatcleaner.com/

Mareya’s book: http://amzn.to/2sM6B8Q

Susan’s websites:

Everything Susan: http://suebmoe.com

2Questions.TV: http://2Questions.TV

Baroncini-Moe Executive Coaching: http://susanbaroncini-moe.com

Business in Blue Jeans: http://businessinbluejeans.com

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– Zoom.us

– Blue Yeti Microphone

– MacBook Pro

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